Block Ice Machine

Block Ice Machine | U.S. Ice Machine Mfg Co.

Ice Block Machines are robust, easily maintained and very reliable. As a result many units are used in remote locations where the infrastructure and maintenance support is limited. U.S. Ice Machine Mfg Co. Ice Block Machines produce ice from fresh water in stainless steel containers which are immersed in refrigerated brine. After approximately twelve hours ice is ready for harvesting. All U.S. Ice Machines are manufactured as self-contained one-piece units with brine tank and refrigerating unit mounted on a common frame. The refrigerating systems are pre-charged with environmentally friendly refrigerant and electrically wired for connection to the power supply. All machines are tested before they leave our factory.

U.S. Ice Machine Manufacturing Co. Block Ice Maker Machines are supplied with everything necessary to produce ice, all you have to do is supply the water and electricity ! Ice production capacities range 56 (20lbs) blocks per 24 hours.